Real Madrid stars from another magical UCL night at the Bernabeu

Real Madrid stars from another magical UCL night at the Bernabeu

Bestanews-Real Madrid stars from another magical UCL night at the Bernabeu Germany beat Real Madrid 2-0 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. The Bernabeu is a very long place to play for 90 minutes, as we saw again. After falling behind 1-0 until the 88th minute, Los Blancos were able to win.

Real Madrid’s Dominance: Clear Chances and UCL Night Magic

This is Joselu’s sixth UCL final in ten years. He scored two goals in three minutes to send his old team to the final. That was a surprise hero on a team full of famous people. For Carlo Ancelotti, this is his third UCL final with Real Madrid. People call him the “miracle worker.” It’s almost time for the Italian boss to win Real Madrid’s 15th UCL title. That would be his fifth as a manager; he won Real Madrid’s 10th title exactly 10 years ago.

Real Madrid had a lot more clear chances to score than Thomas Tuchel’s team did in the game against the German giants. As expected, they scored 2.8 goals while Bayern only got 0.4. In the second game, Bayern Munich only had 13 touches inside the other team’s box, while they had 31. Real Madrid had their usual UCL night vibe, and they also put on a good show.
When the stakes are high, Vini has always stepped up and delivered. Since the beginning of the 2021–22 season, no player has helped set up more goals than the Brazilian (31). Even though he didn’t directly set up the goal in the second leg, the 23-year-old’s first shot was blocked by Manuel Neuer, allowing Joselu to score.

The lightning-fast winger caused a lot of trouble on the left side and often turned Joshua Kimmich inside out. He tried 14 dribbles, which was almost four times as many as the next best player in the game, Alphonso Davies, who only tried 4. No one else in the game had more than five progressive runs, but he had 11. Whenever Madrid went into dangerous area from the left side, he always helped them get there by being a great outlet.

Vinicius: Ancelotti’s Star Player and Defensive Nightmare for Opponents

Even though he was hurt for a few months during the season, Vinicius has scored 18 goals and set up 9 others in La Liga and the UCL. And this is Vinicius’ team. He is Ancelotti’s star player and has shown he can handle all kinds of fullbacks around the world. The other team’s defender can’t keep up with him for the whole game because he is so quick and skilled. We saw this with Kimmich in the second leg.

There is no other way to describe Toni Kroos. When compared to other midfielders around the world, the German is playing at a whole other level. Another game where he tried to pass more than 100 times and completed about 88% of them. Even though he only played 68 minutes, he did all of this.

The Germans were in charge in the middle, which kept things moving and control changing hands. He has almost four times as many passes into the closing third as the next best Madrid player. He also has five consecutive runs, which is more than any other center in the game. At times, Madrid had a lot of control over Tuchel’s team because he was so good with the ball. This helped them make a lot of chances from set plays and open play.

Kroos Orchestrates Victory: Madrid’s Tactical Mastery Against Bayern

After picking apart Bayern’s defense in the first game, Kroos was in charge again as a controller as Madrid beat Bayern.

Antonio Rudiger lived up to the hype that he was one of the best center backs in the world before he joined Real Madrid. Now, in back-to-back games, he has stopped both Erling Haaland and Harry Kane. The German’s skill with the ball has been the cherry on top of his rock-solid and dangerous defensive play at the back. He is great in the air and sees the game very well. With his passing and vision, he can also start attacks.

He helped set up the game-winning goal and also gave Vinicius a chance to score in the 83rd minute with a curling ball over the top that was just the right weight and timing. In the second game, the player from Chelsea beat his old boss by keeping Kane and the rest of the team in check.

The star of the quarters, where he scored the penalty that won the game, was also a key player in the semi-finals. He makes a big difference in both thirds of the field and is an important part of this team.

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