Kiyosaki BRICS Crypto Could Trigger US Dollar Collapse

Kiyosaki BRICS Crypto Could Trigger US Dollar Collapse

Bestanews-Kiyosaki BRICS Crypto Could Trigger US Dollar Collapse Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, has issued a dismal warning about the imminent collapse of the United States dollar exchange rate. Kiyosaki’s prognosis is a warning about the impending exchange rate collapse. His warning is based on his fears on the potential of the BRICS economic group adopting a cryptocurrency that is backed by gold. He cites these issues as the reason for his warning.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author’s Warning Amidst BRICS Crypto Talks

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad was written by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in collaboration, and it was released in the year 1997. There was a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. It has been on the New York Times’ list of best sellers for more than six years. There are copies of the book in more than 109 countries around the world. More than 32 million copies have been sold. A version of the book has been written in more than fifty-one languages.

On X Sunday, he made the following comment: At the moment, I am residing in South Africa, a nation that I adore. Please remember what I said. BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—are watching and listening to predictions about what will happen when they create a BRICS coin, which might or might not be backed by gold. This is happening at the same time that they are observing and listening to guesses. Additionally, these nations are actively observing and listening to the theories that are being discussed. An author who is well-known proceeds by making the following statement:

Following that, the well-respected author went on to talk about his average asset portfolio, and while he was doing so, he provided his audience with the following piece of advice: At this exact moment, the most efficient way to protect yourself from the imminent collapse of the United States currency is to purchase physical gold, silver, and bitcoin that you can hold in your possession.

BRICS’ Gold-Backed Currency Talks Gain Momentum Amidst Shift Away from USD Dependency

Over the past year, there was more and more talk that the BRICS economic group might create a single currency backed by gold. As the year went on, this idea became more popular. This idea has become more popular since the beginning of the year. Even though this was supposed to be talked about at the BRICS leaders’ summit in August, the main topic of discussion was how to make trade more dependent on local currencies instead of the US dollar. There have been fewer talks about making a common currency for the BRICS states since the beginning of this year. Predictions also say that the creation of such a currency will take a long time.

Together with the help of the economic union, five more countries were also invited to the leaders’ summit. People from these countries were asked to attend the meeting. From left to right, the BRICS group is made up of Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran. Ethiopia is also a member of the group. Ethiopia is another new country that has signed on to the deal.

Kiyosaki Sounds Alarm on USD Collapse, Advocates for Bitcoin and Precious Metals

Kiyosaki has, on several occasions, expressed his fear on the collapse of the United States dollar. This issue has been expressed over the course of this period of time. In March, there was a big push to get investors to move their money out of the US Dollar and into bitcoin, gold, and silver trades instead. He believes that Bitcoin is the almost ideal asset at the right moment. Bitcoin is what he likes to use.

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